My personal website. My interests and activities:

  • Hand coding of HTML5, CSS3
  • Programming - Python, PHP
  • Bootstrap and Foundation Frameworks
  • Joomla CMS (integrates Bootstrap) hosted at Cloudaccess
  • Built a prototype social website using Joomla and Community Builder.
  • Looking at Frameworks - Laravel, CodeIgnitor, Django, Ruby on Rails.
  • The CodeIgnitor PHP Framework (HMVC) with Foundation 6 looks like a great combination.

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Wufoo - Sabrina Contact

Kensington Baptist Church

I have maintained this site since 2000. It was kept very simple to support an older congregation primarily using dial-up. It has been upgraded to be wrapped in Bootstrap. Now it has been completely redone in Foundation 5.

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O'Rourke Originals

I developed this website as a showcase for the works of a stained glass artist. I have upgraded this site to make it responsive. It uses Foundation 5.5 and blueimg gallery which works great responsively. Take a look. You might find a good gift here.

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Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue (BRBCR)

A website I developed using Joomla 3. It also uses a Joomlashine responsive template with JSN Uniform and JSN Image Gallery extensions. It is being maintained by its owners.

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Sabrina Hall

A website I developed for Sabrina Hall to present her resume tape. Built with Joomla 3.6, uses JoomlaShine's JSN Blank template and is hosted at

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History of 316th Fighter Squadron

Memoirs of my father who served in World War II as a P-40 and P-47 pilot with the 316th Fighter Squadron. Built with Foundation.

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Noel's ELITE Personal Training

A website I developed for Noel Awendo. Built with Joomla, the JoomShaper Helix II framework and is hosted at

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Social Dating Website Prototype

This is a prototype of a social website, formally called Harkstr! Built with Joomla and Community Builder.

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Janice Kortkamp's Syria Resources Archive

Website to support access to Jan's internet resources on Syria. A Bluehost WordPress site.

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Sabrina's Rehab Site. The "New"

Website to support Sabrina helping people with their addiction problems. Joomla with Cloudbase 3 template hosted at Cloudaccess.

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