magic potion

ByteBabble is my personal web site for experimentation with web technologies and capabilities. This current incarnation adapts the Bootstrap framework from Twitter. I particularly like the responsive grid capability and I have "wrapped" two of my web sites with it.

I have been working with HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery. Previously with XHTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript. I am also using Bootstrap, Joomla 3 which incorporates Bootstrap, and I also use Foundation. I design primarily for myself as a hobby, but I have created and maintain a few sites. I am open to creating web sites or doing other computer related tasks for individuals, organizations and small businesses in the future.

I enjoy manual coding with free and open source tools. I believe that websites should be clean looking and effective. They should also be easy to maintain and update. Pages should be simple and uncluttered (except for the animated gif above - ha ha), the navigation intuitive, and the content usable. I am an engineer not an artist, so if I get function, then I am generally happy with my work.

The content of this site will change at my whim and I will likely move on and not update parts of it. If you'd like to talk about having a web site built, or other programming or computer related tasking performed, please visit my contact page.