magic potion

I can be reached via email:     bytebabble [at] gmail [dot] com

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402-882-BYTE (402-882-2983) My Google Voice Number


When I was introduced to the new "World Wide Web" somewhere before 1994, I learned by using "view source" from the browser on web pages I liked, to see how it was done. I would learn the technique for my own "toolbox" and incorporate those ideas in my own work. Today I continue to research techniques as well as look at the numerous YouTube online tutorials now available.

I wish I could properly acknowledge the developer of the "magic potion" animated gif. I have searched but I cannot find the original developer. Thanks to whoever you are. It is one the few animated gifs that I like.

The CSS menu template I used in some places (before Bootstrap) is called "Centered" from Stu Nicholls - CSS Menus Gallery.